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Ramadan in Lar Bazar Deoria, Ramadan Celebration in lar village


Ramadan in Lar Bazar Deoria, Ramadan Celebration in lar village 

Lar is village in Utter Pradesh India its located its in Deoria District and its belongs to Gorakhpur Division, Also there is few more villages like Pindi, Ram Nagar, Ropan Chapra, and many more small villages. Presently Lar is a Town and soon it will become District because day-by-day its growing shops are open here till 12 PM mid night (few Shops) Also population is increasing in lar Town.hope in future it will be a more better, so here let me explain how people are celebration Ramadan and Eid in Lar. 

1- Home Made Iftar In Lar Baraz Utter Pradesh 

home made iftar

Here we use to make home made many verities of receipts to break the fasting of ramadan as per compare to metropolitan cities they use to buy ready food items from market but here in our lar bazar we love to make diffrent types of snakes in these days and all are pure home made and its very testy as well. 

2- Iftar menu in Lar Bazar Utter Pradesh

There is some common menu here Like = Fruites, and fresh home made juices etc, and other delicious home made menu like = Halwa, 2 to 3 types of Chana, Pakawdi, Keema Samosa, Ruh Afza Juices, Jalebies, Sha-e-Tukra etc and many more  

Iftar Menu

menu of ramazan

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SEHR-O-IFTAR timings for lar Bazar Deoria

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